Announcing My New Product Monitor Fox

I know, I know it’s been nearly three years since I actually posted something on this blog.  I really do keep meaning to start posting here but I always get caught up in my other projects and this one ends up on the back burner time and time again.  That being said, my team and I have been working for several months now on one of the best projects we’ve worked on to date.  Most of you know that I’m an affiliate marketer and I have been for many years, and that I owned an affiliate network for several years as well.  I’m still running affiliate campaigns, but now I’m ready to release my first actual product of my own and I’m excited to do it.

Monitor Fox is a complete website monitoring suite of tools for anyone that owns a website that they derive revenue from or even just have a passion for.  After quite a bit of work and a ton of testing thanks to some great closed beta testers, we’re ready to officially launch our product into an open beta.  What this means is that our product is officially open for business and for sale, but we’re still calling it a beta simply because I want to get more feedback and continue to improve on the product.  We have quite a few features already packed into the tool, which I’ll list below from our press release.

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring means that you’ll be the first to know when your web site goes down.

  • Live Real User Monitoring allows you to see which users may be having issues with your site, and analyze how to improve your site across regions, platforms and browsers.

  • Content Change Monitoring tells you the full story, learn exactly what is changing on your partner or competitor sites down to the pixel level.

  • Performance Monitoring helps you uncover areas that have slow load times and improve your overall web site performance.

  • Virus & Malware Monitoring scans for any malicious code on your site and alerts you so that you can remove the offending code immediately.

  • SSL Monitoring keeps an eye on your SSL Certificate so that your users aren’t presented with a broken security certificate.

  • Instant Customizable Alerts means that you’ll be alerted immediately to any monitor that you choose, via your desired means of communication.

  • Content Match allows you to monitor for a string on your sites and decide how you want to be alerted if that string is or isn’t there.

  • Multiple Test Locations means that you won’t receive false positives, and that your site will be monitored from all over the world.

Alerts are available for all of the monitoring tools included in Monitor Fox.  You can choose to be alerted via email, text message or Slack and additional integrations are in the works as well. You’ll be able to get notified instantly of any issues that your web sites have no matter where you are, so that you can focus on getting functionality restored as quickly as possible.

We went with a SaaS product for a few reasons, mostly because we have an amazing development team and I was looking to build something with consistent recurring revenue.  I’m planning to post updates on this blog of our progress, but you see how well that’s worked in the past.  So I highly recommend you follow us in other avenues.  You can like Monitor Fox on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and even check out our blog which I actually will be updating.

If you own a website and need website monitoring, or if you’re working with one of our competitors right now you should take a look at Monitor Fox.  I’m confident that we’ll provide a better product at a lower price.  In exchange for being an early adopter of our tool, you can use coupon code FOUNDER to get 20% off of any of our plans for life.  Feel free to reach out to our support team as well, if you have any questions or comments, at


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